The History


From the 13th century

The Masia Castellarnau, also known as the Berardo Tower, is a stately mansion from the 14th century located in the district of Sabadell, in the “Vallès Occidental”. It was built between the 12th and 14th centúries, and has two floors and Gable roof, as well as a square-shaped tower, built in 1570, 17 meters high that had defensive functions.



Borrell family

In 1325 the Borrell family bought the farmhouse, at that time called ¨castle¨ and owned it for more than a century.

Conflicts between families.

One of the children of the family marries in 1462 with the heiress of the Masia Can Maduixer from Terrassa, and for reasons of dowries and domains of land, a series of disputes began and hurts the relations between both families.

The highest tower

From these discussions between the two families arises a struggle that consisted in Building the taller tower on their property. The winner of this dispute was the heir of Can Maduixer who, years later, sold the farm to the Viver family and became known as Can Viver de la Torre Bonica.

The ruin of the Borrell family

The construction of the tower of Castellarnau caused the ruin to the Borrell family, and the son of the owner had to work as a baker at Can Viver.

In the second window of the tower there is a shield with the letters JHS, the
inscription of "Montserrat Borrell", and the year of the construction of the tower,


The sale of the Masia

In 1622 the property was sold for the price of 4500 “libras barcelonesas” to Francisco Berardo, who owned it for 26 years, and the tower was named after him. In 1648, Joan Martí, of Barcelona, bought the property and the structure of the Masia is kept until today.

A new space

In 2005, the property of Castellarnau builds a Pavilion inside the property to organize events and celebrations.

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